PSA Jamaica President's Update

Jagoites all...

God has blessed us with tremendous success, and we are thankful. Once again, we are Schools' Challenge champions!!!

We give thanks, and we are proud to have been a part of the process in getting them to that point. For all of us who have played Quiz, and to the select group who have won, we are even more appreciative of the feelings, and of the work it takes to get there. Well done team, and well done Mark Clarke, Past Student who shepherded the vision into reality!!

What has the PSA been doing since our last AGM July 2009?
1. We hosted our annual fundraising banquet, where we saluted four exceptional past students
2. We hosted a play as a fundraiser  (see more details:
3. We have collated an electronic mailing list of over 3000 past students
4. We have aided in the establishment of the ST. JAGO HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION (See more details: )
From these activities, we have raised funds to achieve the following:
1. Secured panels to create a GYM for the sports teams
2. Maintained our commitment to the School's welfare programmes
3. Contributed to the preparation of the Schools' Challenge Team (See more details: )
4. Contributed to several other needs of the school/students on an "as needed" basis
Past students, on individual bases, have contributed to various projects and initiatives of the school, and we express our gratitude to them.
What are our next initiatives?
1. POST-QUIZ FETE - Sunday, April 4, 5pm to midnight at Studio 38 (pulse Headquarters), 38 Trafalgar Road Admission $1000. Tickets at the gate, or call 929-4242. We are aiming to raise $400 000 from this event for the school, please support!!!
2. THE FOUNDATION - The St. Jago High School foundation has been launched, and is the vehicle through which we intend to route all contributions to the school. The attached flyer will outline the details of same. If we want our school to continue on the road of greatness, then contribute whatever you have to the Foundation!!!

3. STRUCTURE AND LEADERSHIP: We have worked on streamlining the organisation's accounting, management and communications structures. We are now able to communicate with our members more quickly and easily; we have strong working relationships with our overseas chapters, with a new chapter being formed in Atlanta, and we are proud of our work with the Toronto, New York and South Florida chapters in securing assistance for the school.

The next AGM will be held in July of 2010. We are looking for competent, driven individuals who are willing to work in the capacities of President, VPs, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as a pool of committee members to support the progress of the organisation. Like the rest of the world, and like any other evolving institution, the PSA is in a state of constant change. We are constantly working to improve the lives of present students, and to help past students in any way we can.

Talk to me.... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Let me hear your comments and criticisms, but back them up with suggestions and ideas!!!

To all of us who were born in the shades..... Labor Omnia Vincit everytime!!!
Lenworth A. (Lenny) Wallace
St. Jago PSA, Jamaica